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Taras Mukhin
Taras Mukhin

Men In Black (1997) Full REPACK Movie

Grab a blanket or a chair and meet your friends at Moore Square each First Friday for a fun & free feature film! Attendees will enjoy pre-show entertainment on theme with each movie before a full-length screening outside under the stars. The series is free & open to the public and food will be available for purchase on-site.

Men in Black (1997) Full Movie


Tommy Lee Jones, who was born to workingclassparents in the small central Texas town ofSan Saba on September 15, 1946, has the looks(his face appears to have been chiseled by adusty Plains wind) and real experience of cattlecountry that surely would have made him ahero of Westerns had not that genre faded beforehe became a star (his role in the televisionmovie Lonesome Dove [1988] proves thispoint). Instead, he has become a popular, accomplished,not-quite-leading man in a diversearray of films, including his complex portrayalof murderer Gary Gilmore in The Executioner's Song (1982), his inventive characterstudy of Clay Shaw in JFK (1992), and histongue-in-cheek performances in Hollywoodaction movies like Men in Black (1997). 041b061a72


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