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Alles Ist Die Sekte-garnicht So Schlimm Mp3 Download

Alles ist die Sekte - Garnich So Schlimm! - MP3 Download

Are you a fan of German hip hop music? Do you want to listen to some of the best rap songs from the early 2000s? If so, you might be interested in downloading the EP Garnich So Schlimm! by the group Alles ist die Sekte.


Alles ist die Sekte (which means "Everything is the Sect") was a German hip hop duo consisting of Sido and B-Tight, who later became solo artists and members of the label Aggro Berlin. They released their first EP, Garnich So Schlimm!, in 2003, which featured nine tracks of hardcore gangsta rap with witty lyrics and catchy beats. The EP was presented by the collective Die Sekte, which included other rappers such as Tony D, Mesut, and Fler.

If you want to download the EP as MP3 files, you can find it on various online platforms such as [Discogs], [], or [Amazon]. You can also listen to some of the songs on [YouTube] or [Spotify]. Here are some of the highlights of the EP:

  • Neu!: The intro track, where Sido and B-Tight introduce themselves and their style, with references to their origins, their influences, and their rivals.

  • MV (S/W Version): A diss track against the rap group Massive Töne from Stuttgart, where Sido and B-Tight mock their appearance, their skills, and their success.

  • Garnich So Schlimm!: The title track, featuring Tony D, where Sido and B-Tight rap about their everyday life in Berlin, with humor and sarcasm.

  • Alles Oder Nix: A motivational track, featuring Mesut, where Sido and B-Tight rap about their ambition, their determination, and their loyalty.

  • Sei Keine Bitch: A bonus track by B-Tight, where he raps about his sexual preferences and his disdain for women who are not loyal or faithful.

If you like German hip hop music, you should definitely check out Garnich So Schlimm! by Alles ist die Sekte. It is a classic EP that showcases the talent and the charisma of Sido and B-Tight, who later became two of the most successful and influential rappers in Germany. You can download the EP as MP3 files from various online platforms or listen to it on streaming services. Enjoy!


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