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Where Can I Buy Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars

Dip your Mickey Mouse ice cream bars one at a time into the chocolate and place them onto a clean sheet of wax paper. The chocolate sets up pretty quickly and you should be good to start enjoying your Mickeys after about 20 minutes in the freezer.

where can i buy mickey mouse ice cream bars

When you visit Disney World, everything is Mickey Mouse-shaped. Soap in the hotels, waffles, dog chew toys, Christmas ornaments and even ice cream bars. It's one of the special things about being in a Disney park. Now Disney is bringing one of its iconic Mickey shapes to stores.

I bought these Mickey Mouse ice cream bars recently and was disappointed too. The ice cream is light so it has none of the creamy richness like the bars at Disneyworld. The chocolate tastes off to me but my teen liked them.

It's time to pay homage to one of the most popular snacks and treats known to Disney fans. It's an ice cream lovers delight, straightforward and simple. Fans just can't wait to wrap their fingers around the stick of an ice cream treat shaped like everyone's favorite mouse. According to Disney over 3.3 Million chocolate covered ice cream bars are sold each year at Walt Disney World. Produced by Nestle, the Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar is a rich, creamy vanilla ice cream made in the shape of Mickey's head and dipped in a thick, decedent chocolatey coating.Mickey's Premium Ice Cream BarWhere can you find them?

Usually, you have to go to a Disney theme park to indulge in Mickey-shaped snacks. While you can find Mickey-shaped candies and Oreos with the Disney icon's likeness on them, if you wanted a Mickey-shaped pretzel or a Mickey Premium ice cream bar, you have always had to be in Orlando or Anaheim... until now. If the rumors are to be believed, in February, Nestle will be releasing the iconic Mickey ice cream bars to a freezer aisle near you.

According to an Instagram post from user @lovethemousetravel, Nestle will be celebrating Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday with limited-edition Mickey ice cream bars in stores. Before now, this light vanilla ice cream covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate was only available from ice cream carts around Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But now you can eat like you're in the parks without planning a Disney vacation. 041b061a72


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