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Taras Mukhin
Taras Mukhin

HACK Ableton Live V8.0.1 BETTER

I tried this with a virtual controller I made in Isadora and it worked perfectly! I can simultaneously control 24 different track volumes in ableton live, getting this midi data from 3 different ports through Mackie Control protocol.

HACK Ableton Live v8.0.1


Wow, all i see is reason growing up and getting better by the minute while abmeton falls logic pro is crash heavy and buggy like apple these days all around and pro tools is for live instruments recording only school trained in all departments propellerhead has the edge now besides the EQ and lack of plug in capabilities we are hoping for a more powerful Ui in the next while. Propellorhead started as the worst and have managed to climb up every year. Lot of great daws here but id seriously put Reason on top just for the stock and where its going. Pro tools standard is sinking apple products are weakening by the minute i do love FL studios however and ableton all sounds the same I can totally spot the sound comes from that software!


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