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This section provides brief descriptions of some common license managererrors, listed in order by error number. For more complete diagnostic informationabout an error message, go to the MathWorks Web site,,and click Support. See Getting Help with License Manager Problems formore information.

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Verify that both license manager daemons, lmgrd and mlm,are running on the server. You can check this via the Task Manager, whichcan be accessed by pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keysequence. If the license manager isn't running, see FLEXnet License Management Utilities for information about startingit.

This error usually indicates that the version of the license manageron the client system is newer than the license manager on the server system.When MATLAB starts, the license file points to the wrong version of the licensemanager. To remedy this problem, update the license manager on the serverto the latest version of FLEXnet that is included on the MathWorks DVD.

This error can occur if you are running DHCP (to obtain a dynamicallyassigned IP address) on your license server. MATLAB cannot connect with thelicense manager because it uses TCP/IP protocols for communication and theIP address is changing.

This error can occur when trying to start the license manager whilean existing vendor daemon (mlm.exe) is already running.To resolve this, open the Task Manager and terminate any mlm.exe processesthat are running. If you cannot end the process in the Task Manager, rebootyour computer. Once you reboot, restart the license manager.


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