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[S5E4] He Was Flirting With Her

After getting arrested and spending the night in jail for aggravated assault, Beth calls Jamie to help get her out of the precarious situation she got herself into in the first place. Though one can argue Beth was within reason to give the woman (from California, apparently) who was openly flirting with her husband, Rip (Cole Hauser), a taste of her own medicine, the fact is, it puts the Dutton family -- namely her father (Kevin Costner), the governor of Montana -- in a very difficult position.

[S5E4] He Was Flirting With Her

Beth tells Jamie he has to stop the woman from officially pressing charges. Jamie asks how and she replies with a signature Beth comeback, "It's not my f**king problem, Jamie." Soon after, Jamie meets with the woman, who looks a little worse for wear with a serious black eye, and essentially threatens her if she formally presses aggravated assault charges against Beth. Whatever he says gets the job done because in the end, Beth is only charged with disorderly conduct, spends a night in jail and is free to leave.

Beth and Jamie have one of their most crucial moments to date on the series, as Jamie takes responsibility for Beth being unable to bear any children. "Taking you to that clinic was the greatest regret of my life," he says as they face off in the road. But Beth is filled with hate as she spews, "Of all the awful sh*t you have done in your 45 years on this planet, Jamie, that is really saying something. What did you name him?" Beth asks, getting even angrier and more disgusted after learning his son was named after him.

The first person Beth tells of Jamie's secret son is her dad, of course, but as they're both watching the funeral ceremony take place for Kayce and Monica's son from afar, now's not the time and place to plot their next steps with this new vital piece of information.

As Beth and now her father digest the information, Jamie has a drink with Sarah Atwood (guest star Dawn Olivieri), the executive Market Equities brings in to gain some traction in their fight against the Duttons. Even though Jamie's pretty much screwed now that Beth knows about his son, it doesn't stop him from having a grand old time with Sarah, who's been working him ever since he laid eyes on him at the start of the season. Obviously attracted to each other, they make their way to the bathroom of the bar, not knowing that Beth is in a back corner booth watching their every move.

As they have sex in one of the shower stalls, Sarah stupidly leaves her purse, with her cell phone in it, outside as she and Jamie get busy. They don't stop knowing that someone else is also in the bathroom. Beth turns the faucet on, and true to her inciting words to Jamie before that she's going to make his life a living hell, she takes a photo of Sarah's ID to get more dirt on her. Beth later discovers that Sarah Atwood isn't actually Sarah Atwood. "What a surprise," she says under her breath after a Google search turns up websites not associated with this woman. So who is she actually? And what does Beth have planned for Jamie?

Elsewhere in the episode, Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Monica (Kelsey Asbile), with newly cut-off short hair following the loss of their baby, bury their newborn on the Dutton ranch after John gives his son permission to do whatever Monica wishes.

Later, John speaks with Kayce -- who turned in his badge as Livestock commissioner in the previous episode with the intention of focusing on his family -- and returns the badge to him even though his son seems quite sure he's content with his decision to quit. "It's what I want," Kayce tells him after John asks him if he's sure he really wants out.

And they have ample evidence to support their theory. (We also know that's exactly what happened.) The park rangers warn John that others are going to come to the same conclusion after he denies their theory is valid. John later asks Rip the truth about what happened with the killed wolves and he comes clean about the actions of that evening. Rip admits he tried "to outsmart them but I guess I didn't," he tells John. When John asks where the wolves are, Rip assures him they're "in a place where no one will be able to find them."

To make matters even more complicated, jailed environmental protestor Summer Higgins (guest star Piper Perabo) reappears in the final minutes of the episode in a clemency deal that John, as governor, was able to strike. See, he needs help dealing with the growing problem of the accidental kills Rip's cowboys made on his ranch of the collared wolves, that have park rangers circling and to get a leg up on some environmental group headaches.

When Summer gets out of prison, she reunites with John -- their relationship still continuing to toe that blurry line of professional and inappropriate -- as he was waiting for her in a SUV right outside the gates. "What took you so long?" she asks with a smirk. Her freedom, he reveals, isn't without strings. A supervised release for six weeks and, ahem, she'll be overseen by him. (We'll see how that goes.) John tells her he needs to know how she thinks as an environmental activist and during this period, she'll be staying at the ranch, which drudges up past tensions between Summer and Beth.

Whether she's grateful to be free or not, Summer makes it clear she's not going to sleep with John. After going one year without sex in prison, Summer tells him quite pointedly she's "still not f**king [him]." "Our relationship will be purely professional," John agrees. But why is that so hard to believe?

"You're not starting this day sober," Beth mutters to herself, reeling from a traumatizing and eventful day as she downs a glass of tequila and has a smoke in the early morning hours. Chaos, if Beth has anything to do with it, is about to ensue.

Just when he was on a high, in comes the Fish and Wildlife officials to put a damper on the day. They show him a map of where the wolves went, along with how they remained on his ranch for three days before their collars only traveled 30 miles down the Yellowstone River.

Clark also denied the allegations, and Juliette subsequently asked him to block Meghan. Sophie, Juliette's friend from college, had witnessed the entire incident. Meghan revealed that it was Sophie who came up to her and asked if Meghan was flirting with Clark.

Sophie went on to elaborate to Juliette that Clark was dancing with Meghan with his arm around her, which Juliette felt was not weird. She tried to brush it off, but Sophie insisted that he was up to something sketchy. Sophie also accused Clark of trying to get Meghan drunk.

Clark has consistently told Juliette that he does not want to be a part of the show and would rarely make an appearance in front of the cameras. Siesta Key: Miami Moves fans felt that Clark wanted to flirt openly with girls without facing any consequences, so he refused to shoot for the show.

This week on Siesta Key: Miami Moves, Amanda told Lexie that she and Mike had flirted with each other at a party. Mike encountered a rumor about Lexie cheating on her and told his friends that he could now openly cheat on Lexie.

Juliette finally got back together with her friends but did warn them that she would not be able to spend time with them because of a business festival. Additionally, Juliette's friends asked her to find out the complete truth about the whole Clark situation.

Sam said he was not sorry about getting intimate with Jordana, but it would falsely prove Meghan's claims that Sam was always sleeping with Jordana. Jordana met Meghan over lunch and apologized to her for the entire situation. Jordana also stated that Meghan tried to kick her out of Sam's house.

Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by his new job, John makes a lunch date with Lynelle (Wendy Moniz.) She advises him to immediately hire an environmental advisor and to start thinking about his legacy as Governor. She suggests there's plenty more he can do for Montana beyond just nixing the airport project.

Back at the ranch, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) are holding a traditional Native American burial ceremony for their recently deceased newborn. Following the funeral, John comforts a grieving Monica by sharing a story of a baby brother he lost as a child. He tells Kayce he can continue collecting a paycheck for the livestock commissioner post he recently left. He also exchanges pleasantries with Rainwater (Gil Birmingham,) before the pair schedule a meeting at the reservation to discuss the 300 jobs John eliminated when he axed the airport. Finally, back at the house, Dutton senior talks to Rip (Cole Hauser,) who spills the beans on the incident involving the wolves.

Jamie's also having an awkward meeting of sorts. He and Sarah Atwood are having that business date to help find a civil way forward, but their verbal sparring at dinner quickly turns to flirting at the bar. They both admit to feeling "irresponsible" and sprint to the bathroom to act on their impulses. Beth is also in the restaurant, spying on her brother from behind a glass of whiskey. She secretly follows the couple and, while they're having sex in a stall, snaps a pic of Sarah's driver's license.

Pam stomps around Fangtasia, preparing for the nightly vogue ball. Eric sits on his hilarious throne as Pam tries to smooth things over, explaining that she only brought Tara because she made her. Tara wears Fangtasia swag and bonds with Bill over vampire small talk. He only waits a minute before asking about Sookie. Tara is understandably bored by this. Eric body-slams Pam on the bar.

Sookie stunt-jumps out of her tinkered-with yellow car. Meanwhile, Terry and Noel from Felicity are having PTSD flashbacks to Iraq on a drive through South Dakota to find their lost pyromaniac colleague. In the flashback, we learn that the crazy guy once opened fire on civilians. Iraq, South Dakota, and Bon Temps all sure look a lot like California.

Starting from the beginning, it was Remembrance Day in Mystic Falls. Because this town doesn't have enough holidays already? As Damon tells it, people used to bury their dead with a string that was attached to a bell above ground for them to ring in case they were actually buried alive. Now, like so many other holidays, everyone uses it as an excuse to drink. 041b061a72


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