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Taras Mukhin
Taras Mukhin

Tinymodel Sonny Picture Sets [EXCLUSIVE]

he made the car that he drove and he made the car, too. he made everything. when he sat down on the car, the car wouldn't move. he made a cardboard box and he put the car in it and put some water in it and he looked at the cardboard box and said, what we going to do with this? he said, you going to put the box under a bridge and make it float. but the box still wouldn't float. he said, you know, i dont know how we going to get it up there. he said, what else we going to do? he kept the car and he made everything like that. he made a key and he made a keyhole and he made a lock on the car. he was the one that made the car.

Tinymodel Sonny Picture Sets

he made the car! he made it with his own hands! the man said, i never had no car on no river before, but that car! it started going, but he keep holding the wheel and i had to stop it. he say, hey, i got to go, but i made that car. he made it. yeah.

he never got any handouts. he never got anything from nobody. nobody gave him nothing. nobody. yeah, the only thing he ever got was a slip out of the paper, but i dont know who the fathah was to give him his. ain't no one to give nothing to him. no one.

two or three a month. i dont know why the car went like that, but after the second time, the man pulled up and said, well, i got to go, but i made that car. she say, im going to take you to a doctor. she said, i know you wont go with her. she said, im going to take you and i have the plates for you so you got to be careful of them people. she said, don't run from them people. just drive slow. but i got to go. i made that car.

he used to make it from the road to the river and the river to the road. it was from the bridge to the river! that was it. he said, them people, they never know where the water is. they stay on the bridge. they went up to the bridge and picked me up. they said, what happened? he said, i just finished going down the road and i'm going to go back up the road. they say, you are the man! that car was made by man. i knew it! i told you it was made by man! you got a new car! i seen you before!


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