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Jack Adams

AutoCAD 2011 32 Bit 64 Bit

Your blog talks about 32 bit autocad, is there any other? I cannot find any information saying what bit autocad I have. I know my computer is 64 bit. I have autocad 2011 upgraded trough audesk to 2012 and want to make it work on a windows version 10. Will your software provide a permanent fix or would I encounter problems every time there is a window update. Also the fees given are they in American dollars?

AutoCAD 2011 32 Bit 64 Bit

Download File:

AutoCAD is the design and drafting tool that has been developed by Autodesk and is considered as a must-have tool for all the engineers and architects. AutoCAD has come up in many versions since its 1st release and the one we are reviewing here is AutoCAD 2011 which is an up-gradation of AutoCAD 2010. You can also download AutoCAD 2010.

AutoCAD 2011 has got loads of new and imposing features and the user interface of AutoCAD 2011 has been enhanced greatly and the design making process has become very easy. The drawing window has become dark grey in this version but you can easily change the color of the drawing window from the options dialog box at any time. The dot grid window has been replaced with horizontal and vertical grid lines that resemble an engineering graph paper. The UCS has been colorized and each axis has been given a unique color like x-axis has been given red color, y-axis has been given green and the z-axis has been given the blue color. AutoCAD 2011 has introduced Materials Browser which can be used for searching different materials that are to be used in your design from Autodesk Material Library. It has also got a transparency property that will let you make different objects and layers that can be made transparent. All in all AutoCAD 2011 32 bit is a handy application that can be used for creating impressive 3D designs.


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