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Play NBA 2K20 on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and Experience the History of NBA Legends

I only played the demo. I was surprised at how much more polished it looked than 2K19 in terms of visuals. But I have heard the complaints on it being a broken game. I stopped buying sports games annually a long time ago. But I did buy 2K19 for $2 a few months ago. So I'm content to sticking with that for the time being

I'm not a huge fan of basketball games, but it's nice to here a high power game on the Switch actually work well ? Oh, and isn't this from the same publisher who brought us WWE 2K18, one of the worst ports on Switch, at least at launch?

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@Hellburner918 just disregard any review by Dom because they are always a bit ridiculous. With its literal representation of gambling to how they forgot to update the 2K19 taskbar icon for this "new" game. The problem is that sports games suffer from so much monetisation these days that it really doesn't matter how good the core game is, they will always be ruined by the bull***t

@Xelha I wouldn't even play this game on Switch. With huge load times... no thanks. We live in 2019 load times should be gone right now. This shows again how low CPU hardware is in Switch. Remember PSX Marvel vs Capcom/Street Fighter Alpha 3... those had load times... but on Dreamcast no load times. Because better CPU makes the difference. In such games it proofs again how badly the CPU is

Might pick this up in a sale. The micro transactions thing never really affected me. Never pay any more than the cost of the games. The arguement about about parents buying their kids these games and not knowing about the micro transactions, do they have their credit card details stored on the console for their kids to spend as they want? Seems wreckless. Don't get this arguement at all.

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@blockfightKids isn't as aware of the Real world implications/damage of recklessly using credit cards as the majority of adults here. (Even then there are some adults that recklessly drain bank accounts on these games which some game companies are targeting if not more money conscious people.) A quick google search shows kids draining parents bank accounts by the hundreds, if not thousands, or even TENS of thousands from microtransactions. There are exceptions (see: Warframe) but some dark-hearted game companies will take FULL advantage of that fact by constricting or walling off game-progression from free-to-play and even full price games without paying up that cash.Wanna move on in the game? Better pay up that cash or prepare to wait/grind a VERY long time.

Also... If this were an anime game with the same issues with gambling and microtransactions NL would have given it a 4. I think recently there has been some heavy reviewer bias on NL. With personal tastes harshly skewing games one way or another.

@sixrings There are absolutely games that should have scored lower than they do... but it may also just be different tastes. Have you performed a week long unbiased review of this game as a comparison?

Interesting. All this complaining (and rightfully so) and not a peep from NintendoLife. They usually always interact with the comments, especially in reviews, to defend themselves and why they gave certain games the score they gave.

I can't wait for games with trash premium currencies and gambling mechanics to crash and burn. They're slowly killing this industry by ruining promising games all so the publisher can get a few extra bucks out of their players. I also hope the people who keep buying these games realize how bad of an investment it is to continue financially supporting these series.

The draw for this game has always been My league. Anyone playing the Myplayer or mycareer or whatever it's called is just missing out on the best part of the game.Let's see Charles Barkley, no Reggie Miller and a huge download for the physical version. Very hard pass this year for me. I'll be saving up for a game fully on cart, the Witcher 3.

@graysoncharles : yeah, I'm not sure what the hate for the review is. I'm not even sure half the folks commenting even read it. Also, many are complaining about microtransactions. Again, for anyone reading the review you dont need to buy anything in game, and you can ignore it. NBA 2k is a juggernaut that sells all year. People should play it before complaining. I've played since the original Dreamcast versions, and have only skipped 2k16, and now 2k20, the first due to basketball fatigue, the latter because I dont want to download 30+ GB if I bought the cart.

Buy this game otherwise you're just a part of the hypocritical blind Nintendo sheeple who hates third party games. So go on playing your pixel art indies like the Witcher 3, and ignore the dying pleas of this small 14 billion dollar company who just thought of a brand new idea of bringing a NBA 2k game to a Nintendo console for the first time, I swear.

Otherwise, 2k will stop bringing their NBA 2k (which are obviously failing on Switch considering it's the third one), because those sheeple Nintendo fanboys obviously don't buy video games other than the ones from Nintendo. As we know all Nintendo fans bought seven copies of 1-2 Switch and zero bought the beautifully optimized Garbage Truck Repair Shop Simulator. What monsters.

@Captain_Toad but how are they getting access to thr cards in the first place? It's terrible parenting or wrecklessness with card security. Im the only person that uses my Switch but anytime i go to make a transaction i have it setup to ask for my password and then type in my card details. No cards are saved to my account. How can someone be so stupid to have no security setup? And as for grown ups, just because the game has micro transactions doesn't mean you have to buy them. Have a little restraint. Ive been buying fifa, nba 2k and lots of other games with micro transactions for years and have never spent a cent extra on them.

I haven't done a basketball simulator in years and just don't have the time to actually play them anymore. But I just wanted to say I never thought I'd see the day when a sports game got a good score on a Nintendo console again. Just for giggles, I think I will download the demo and play it for a bit.

This game is a huge joke. Bought the cartridge last week. Needed to download 34gb and after that many more gb as updates... Wasnt able to start the game yet... Why we need to buy cartridges if we need to download so many gb? Red card forever to 2K

A very nice basketball game. Before that, I had played many basketball games, but none of them reached the level I wanted, but 2k it did.There are various NBA players in the game, which can help us get to know many players.

NBA 2K20 is a basketball simulation video game based on the National Basketball Association games. It is the 21st installment in the highly popular NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K19. Just like the previous games in the series, you mainly play NBA games with real-life or customized players and teams, and the games follow the rules and objectives of NBA games. This time in 2K20, a new feature called MyCAREER lets you live a cinematic player campaign.

If you want to break the monotony of playing, NBA 2K20 features a single-player drama storyline within the game called MyCAREER. With an elite cast of characters such as Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson, and popular NBA All-Stars, your journey to stardom with this plot will give more meaning and motivation to your games as you compete to be the top dog on the court. This also gives special attention to your customized MyPLAYER, as paying attention to the stats and upgrades you equip will affect your progress in the story.

For two decades, NBA 2K has redefined sports entertainment, establishing itself as an important piece of hoops culture by creating basketball video games with an immersive experience in the palm of your hand.

NBA 2k20 APK is a brilliant basketball game which is a dream come true for the true sports fans. This game is exclusively designed for those players who love basketball and want to play it in their smartphones.

This game has special features which make it one of the best games one could ever know. It has amazing graphics which are totally 3D. Such graphics make the game look like just a real tournament happening.

Furthermore, this game is absolutely free to download. There are no charges or any type of difference in app purchases which cost you some amount. It is designed for the people who love basketball and want to play it for free in the virtual world.

This game is a multiplayer game. It means you can play it with your friends online. You simply have to connect with the people or your friends all over the world. In this way you can play basketball online by creating a basketball team. Basketball is always fun to play when you have your team along, so download this NBA 2k20 APK to have all the fun with your teammates. You can also invite your friends and family members through this game to play with you. The results can be shared on the social media accounts to share with your friends.

The graphics of a game make it even more attractive and brilliant. The 3D graphics in this game have something different and unique to offer. With the help of this graphics, the whole game looks original and the players experience playing on the streets. The 3D graphics also gives a better experience as compared to those games or applications who have lower quality graphics. The good graphics always add up bright colors

This game is absolutely free to download. Unlike many other games, it does not contain the charges which some sports games require for the downloading. It is a great choice for every sports lover who loves basketball and wants such a game for free. Moreover, the in app purchases do not exist in this game. You will have all your stuff available for free, or you will have to earn it by winning the game rounds.


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