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Jack Adams

Nine Lives William Dalrymple Free Ebook 134

And it is Our Pleasure, and We do hereby direct that theCommissioners, so to be appointed as aforesaid for the divisionof Our said Territory into Counties, Hundreds and Parishes, shallalso be required and authorized to make a valuation of all thewaste and unoccupied Lands, comprized in every such County,Hundred and Parish; and for that purpose it is Our Pleasure thatthe said Commissioners shall ascertain the average value of theLands in each Parish separately, taking into their considerationthe fertility and all other natural, accidental or localadvantages or disadvantages of the Land in each Parish, as abasis for calculating the value thereof; and in making such theirvaluation, it is Our Pleasure that the said Commissioners shallenquire what sum of Money might reasonably be expected to be paidfor any such Lands, if sold for a price to be paid in ready moneyat the time of the Conveyance in tracts containing three SquareMiles, or one thousand, nine hundred and twenty acres, each to beheld in free and common socage in fee simple without the paymentof any quit Rent or duty for or in respect of the same.

nine lives william dalrymple free ebook 134


As soon as the difficulty attendant on landing and housing theestablishment was surmounted, I caused an exploration of thecountry immediately in the neighbourhood of the port to be made,and two towns to be laid out; one, named Freemantle, at theentrance of Swan River; the other, Perth, about nine miles higherup, on its right or northern bank. Allotments in these towns werespeedily occupied by the first settlers, who arrived in August,and the more diligent among them commenced the erection oftemporary buildings. On the 1st of October, I found it necessaryto open a district of country for location. In the firstinstance, I selected for that purpose the banks of the SwanRiver; and, being urged by further applications for land, on the2d of November I threw open the country extending between the seaand the mountains fifty miles southward from Perth, including thedistrict originally reserved for Mr. Thomas Peel. In thesedistricts, the first comers found suitable locations, and, actingunder the impulse of novelty, there were many who at onceestablished themselves on their lands, regardless of danger fromthe natives and of the difficulty they encountered in removingtheir goods from the coast. This adventurous and laudable spirit,which it was politic to encourage, I am happy in saying met withno check; and single individuals have traversed the countryfreely, at great distances from the towns, hitherto withoutinterruption or injury.


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