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Outkast, ATLiens Full [UPDATED] Album Zip

In a retrospective review, Tim Stelloh from PopMatters described the album as a "loud, unpretentious, eclectic kick in the ass". He praised it for being "full of both fear and curiosity, and those emotions were channeled through its production."[50] Dave Hughes, writing in Slant Magazine, stated: "Ten years on, Aquemini is the single strongest aspect of one of the art form's deepest benches. Snappier and more experimental than the pair's early work, and focused enough to feel comfortable in a sprawl, it's the moment when OutKast came fully into itself."[24]

Outkast, ATLiens Full Album Zip


Critics hailed the recording as OutKast's most fully realized up to that time and one of the best of the 1990s.[68] Steve Huey wrote: "Aquemini fulfills all its ambitions, covering more than enough territory to qualify it as a virtuosic masterpiece, and a landmark hip-hop album of the late '90s".[16] Ebony observed that Aquemini is "perhaps OutKast's best effort" and "a huge commercial and artistic success".[69] Matt Wink concluded that OutKast with this album "carved their place in the game and grabbed the world's attention. No two people with a similar background could be more different and no two artists could have made this masterpiece."[70]

ATLiens (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) features the original album in its entirety bundled with a full-length collection of 14 previously unreleased instrumental tracks. The newly expanded 25th anniversary edition of ATLiens is mixed in Hi-Res 24bit sound.


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