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Taras Mukhin
Taras Mukhin

Monster Girl Labyrinth !!BETTER!!

the name of the game might make it harder to find in some places, it's a lovely unique look to behold!but also have a similar name to an older game"monster girl labyrinth" hopefully this one is gonna get popular enough to reach the top search results in no time :3

Monster Girl Labyrinth

One day, the protagonist is informed that a villager went missing and went searching. He travels far from the village and comes across a mysterious ruin. While exploring, he falls into a trap that leads to the deepest floor. He ends up in an underground cave. Little did he know, there are a lot of monster girls that sexually assault humans! He finds a note on the ground, telling him that if he cummed in intercourse with any monster girls, he will be paralyzed and made into their slave. To get out of this underground dungeon, he has to overcome many temptations!

The place where it fell was a submerged underground cave. Monsters and girls attacking sexually were engrossing! In a notebook dropped by the villagers who strayed in the same way, once you ejaculate monsters and girls, they will soon become unable to move and become slaves written. 041b061a72


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