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Jack Adams

Daslight Virtual Controller 2 Full Version

Included with the DVC Gold are full licenses for both Daslight 4's lighting software suite, as well as the upcoming Daslight 5, so you can upgrade on release of the new version at no additional cost. If you're looking for a powerful and expandable DMX interface with lots of connectivity, and hands-on control to become the brains of your lighting rig, look no further!

Daslight Virtual Controller 2 Full Version


Have you already checked third-party tool integration for DMXIS? I can recommend Polar Capture which should work via (virtual) DMX in/out connections and I think they have a free student version (at least they used to have). You could also look into 3D Magic Easy View which comes for free with Open Source DMXControl iirc.

Just to put a low cost solution out there, you could go for a DMX Art-Net/sACN Node as the DMX controller (uses ethernet, not USB), and control it with (free) Q-Light software. Q-Light allows you to create a virtual console which in turn is controllable via MIDI to select scenes (or direct control of fixtures)

New Jersey, United States, Dec 11, 2022 /DigitalJournal/ virtual controller is a type of software used to simulate the functions of a physical controller, e.g. B. a game controller or a music controller. Virtual controllers are widely used in gaming and entertainment applications and can provide users with a more immersive and interactive experience. Virtual controllers are typically used in combination with other software and hardware, such as a computer or mobile device. They are designed to mimic the functions and capabilities of a physical controller and can be customized and configured to the users needs.


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