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Where To Buy Paul Mitchell Hair Dye

After coloring your hair, be sure to get it trimmed every two weeks. This helps eliminate split ends. The cortex of the hair, which is where the pigment from color treatment is stored, is composed of long coils of proteins called keratin. The strength of the keratin coils in your hair strands determines the strength of your hair. When your hair is worn down by exposure to sunlight, chlorine or chemicals, excessive heat or the elements, the cortex of your hair strands can become exposed. When the keratin unravels, the ends of the hair split. The bad thing about split ends is once they are there, they tend to expand across the hair strands. Regular trims will eliminate the split ends, helping the hair stay healthy and retain the synthetic pigment.

where to buy paul mitchell hair dye

Paul Mitchell the color 10 is formulated with the same sustainably sourced beeswax as the color permanent hair color series. Paul Mitchell has partnered with Bees for Development in honor of its hero ingredient. To learn more about Bees for Development and other efforts to make a positive impact on the planet, please visit 041b061a72


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