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Jack Adams
Jack Adams

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The tea accessions analyzed in this study included three Taiwan-yamacha accessions, which are unique tea accessions grown predominantly in the Taiwan highlands. These three Taiwan-yamacha accessions were classified in Group 3, that is, the Assam-type population (S1 Table). Although the genetic background of Taiwan-yamacha is still unclear, its morphological characteristics are more similar to those of var. assamica than to those of var. sinensis [34]. Previous analyses based on RAPD and AFLP markers indicated that the genetic background of Taiwan-yamacha is dissimilar from both var. sinensis and var. assamica [11]. To clarify the genetic background of the Taiwan-yamacha accessions, more accessions with a wider range of characteristics and from different parts of Taiwan should be analyzed in further studies.

F1 2011 T rk e Yama -romeoalfonso.rar


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